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About the Company

Established in January 2017, SM Marketing Communications is a based progressive firm comprised of experts with over 50 years of combined experience in marketing communications. SMMC focuses on developing strategies that increase brand awareness, align an organization’s objectives, vision, and mission with its message, and foster new ways to integrate marketing messages across multiple media channels.


SMMC also focuses on engaging audiences, creating awareness, and motivating a call to action from the target market.


MISSION: Our mission is to provide innovative, creative, and measurable high-quality service to our customers.




Relationships:  We are committed to developing long-term relationships and building trust with our clients.


Service:  We provide the highest level of service, attention, and commitment to our clients’ needs.


Technology:  In a constantly evolving technological world, we are always open to new and innovative ways to increase our clients’ ROI or exceed expectations.


Creativity:  We provide a unique, innovative service tailored to that particular client’s needs.


•Integrity:  We insist on honesty and fairness and dedicate ourselves to all of our clients and their customers.

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